Choosing a Kindle Fire for the Senior in your Life

Reading is a favorite pastime for many people, especially adults and seniors who might happen to have extra time to travel and relax after retirement. But regardless of age, most people appreciate technology that makes doing something you enjoy doing a little more convenient to do. One such innovation is the e-reader. These devices allow easy access to various books without the inconvenience of lugging around heavy books or worrying about leaving your favorite book behind. Kindle Fire is one of the leading e-readers on the market today. Seniors have the option of enlarging the text for easier reading and uploading multiple books for plenty of casual reading choices. Here are some of the best Kindle Fire models the senior in your life is sure to appreciate:

1. Kindle Fire (7-inch LCD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB – Includes Special Offers by Kindle)

Kindle Fire

• Display: 7-inch LCD display
• On-device Storage: 8 GB plus free cloud storage for all Amazon content
• Battery Life: Up to 9 hours with continuous use
• Amazon Price: $159 (new)

This e-reader and tablet is 40% faster than the original Kindle. It also boasts twice the memory and battery life, which makes it convenient to take out for the day without worrying about being cut off in the middle of your favorite read. Seniors will appreciate the selection of books, which include a selection of more than 23 million books, magazines, newspapers and other reading materials. For seniors looking to keep their grand kids entertained while out for the day with their Kindle Fire in tow, the Kindle FreeTime Unlimited option features content just for kids.

Pros: User friendly, easy to add content and download apps, excellent sound
Cons: Some reports of storage issues, does not support flash like the first gen. reader

2. Kindle Fire, Full Color (7-inch Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi by Amazon)

• Display: Full color 7-inch display
• On-device Storage: 8GB internal; approximately 6GB available for user content
• Battery Life: Up to 8 hours of continuous reading; 7.5 hours when using other functions
• Amazon Price: $73.30 (new)

This is the original first generation Kindle. While there is a newer model available, the first generation Kindle is an affordable option for the senior in your life new to e-readers and interested more in reading a good book rather than the full function of a tablet computer. Seniors will appreciate the vibrate full-color display and the extra-wide viewing angle. Amazon also allows Kindle owners to “borrow books” for free with no due dates with an Amazon Prime membership.

Pros: Easy to use with convenient help features; good battery life
Cons: Some issues reported with the battery with long-term use; some charging issues

3. Kindle Fire (HD 7-inch, Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 16 GB with Special Offers by Kindle)

Kindle Fire 7

• Display: Full color 7-inch display
• On-device Storage: 16 GB internal storage
• Battery Life: Approx. 11 hours for reading, browsing and other uses
• Amazon Price: $69.99 (new)

Anti-glare technology and excellent clarity mean easy viewing for senior users. Tech-savvy seniors will enjoy the integrated support for social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and the free, unlimited cloud storage of Amazon content. A front-facing HD camera allows the senior in your life to take photos when not engrossed in a good book. USB ports allow the device to be attached to a PC to upload additional content. This works well for seniors who prefer to use a PC to search for content rather than doing everything from a single device. Seniors can easily add either Amazon content or content from other sources already downloaded on their PC.

Pros: Downloads are 35% faster, good audio, lightweight, excellent picture quality, good sound quality, convenient ports
Cons: Some reported battery issues, some issues with the device crashing when downloading apps

4. Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ Tablet

• Display: 8.9-inch high resolution full color display
• On-device Storage: 16 GB overall storage (12.7GB available to user); free cloud storage
• Battery Life: Approximately 10 hours (depending on usage)
• Amazon Price: $269 (new)

The senior in your life will enjoy viewing their favorite books, newspapers and magazines in stunning high-resolution color. Seniors who want a larger viewing screen will appreciate a nearly 9-inch display screen with wide angle viewing. Amazon Prime members can borrow selections from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. The unique Amazon X-ray feature allows you to simply tap on the screen while reading a book to discover more books you may wish to read. The feature also works for movies you watch on the device by allowing you to jump to other movies with your favorite stars. Seniors can also check email or let their grand kids play fun, family-friendly games. The integrated magnetic clasp keeps the device closed when it’s stored in a purse or other carrying bag.

Pros: Larger screen with excellent resolution, quick charge time (under 5 hours), convenient ports
Cons: Some users report issues with pre-loaded apps, some issues with storage space

The Kindle line of products has really set itself apart from other brands of tablets for being the best e-reader, and with the Kindle Fire models it has really spread its wings to offer even more options and features that Kindle lovers will appreciate. For seniors who are in the market to find a great e-reader that has the functions of other tablets on the market, these devices are sure to impress.

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