Clarity Amplified Photo Phone Review

The telephone is often a lifeline to the outside for an elderly person living alone at home. But often its small buttons become hard to push; remembering important numbers becomes a chore. The Clarity Amplified Photo Phone is designed to help aging users continue to rely on their telephone for connection and emergencies by making it as simple to use as possible.clarityphotophone

There are many features of this phone that make it attractive to both visually impaired and hearing impaired individuals, including:

  • Speed dial buttons with place for photograph. Place the photo of the person you’re calling on one of the nine pre-set buttons for quick recognition. Generic, ready-to-use icons come with the phone until you’re ready to use personalized images.
  • Volume control and amplification buttons to increase the sound to up to 10 times louder than normal for hearing impaired individuals.
  • Illuminated emergency button for one-touch action.
  • Adjustable ringer tone and volume controls.
  • Bright light when the phone rings to catch attention of hearing impaired users.
  • Good contrast of black and white buttons on the set.

Many reviewers bought the phone for their aging parents, as a handy tool to safely stay at home longer. Most commented on the ease of setup and the volume–the fact that the sound quality is good and easy to adjust. The photo buttons are convenient, even using the generic icons. Some commented that the buttons don’t allow for large enough photos that their loved ones could recognize. And while it’s designed for elderly users, it’s certainly usable for other family members in the residence as well.

At $44.46 on Amazon, the Clarity Amplified Photo Phone can be that lifeline to the outside world for your loved one.



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