Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale Review

The Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale is a revolutionary scale that is meant to be one of the most accurate digital scales for home use, and it is especially useful for aging adults to keep track of their overall health. The clean design and ease-of-use are only a couple of the popular features of this particular device, which actually boasts several other truly significant features worth noting:

This Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale is one of the most accurate scales for home use. The scale can read up to 440 pounds, and it is accurate within 0.2 pounds. This is unlike many other digital scales that are within a 1-pound range of your actual weight.

This is achieved by using four precision sensors in this scale. Each one is engineered to accurately judge the amount of pressure and weight being applied to the scale so it can determine your actual weight. If you want a reliable scale, but don’t want to spend hundreds on a medical-grade item, then this is a great item for your bathroom.

Step-On Technology
A big selling point for the Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale is its “step-on” technology. This is one of the points that seems a little superfluous at first, but it has some real benefits. If you have ever used a digital scale, then you know that you have to step on the scale for a second for it to turn on and calibrate. By the time the scale is ready to weigh you, several seconds have gone by.

This Eatsmart scale skips all that. Just step on the scale and it will immediately weigh you. This makes the scale easier to use, but there is another hidden benefit that most people do not realize.

Most bathroom scales run on batteries, and the Eatsmart scale follows suit. Most of the time, the battery is taxed with performing the setup and calibration. Since this scale does not have that setup time, the battery life is about 40 to 50 percent better than most other bathroom scales.

This is one thing about the Precision Plus that some people either love or hate. This scale is 15 inches wide, which is considerably wider than most other scales. Having a wider scale improves the scale’s stability, but it can also get in the way if you have a small bathroom.

The majority of people like the extra stability. It makes the scale feel more durable and reliable, and it tends to be easier to stand on.

Along with an oversized platform, the digital display is also larger than with most other scales. There is also a cool blue backlight that makes it much easier to read the results. The large display is very useful, especially if you have impaired vision. Even if you have perfect vision, this makes it easier to accurately read your weight.

No-Slip Surface
The last thing to comment on is the Precision Plus’s no-slip surface. Many scales have this, so it isn’t unique, but it is always useful. If you have ever stepped on a scale without this surface, then you will easily tell the difference. Having this ensures that you will not fall off, especially on those days when you wake up feeling groggy.


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