Hiring an Elder Care Lawyer for Estate Planning

Time quickly passes us by, doesn’t it? It probably seems like just yesterday when you first bought your home, became a parent, sent the children off to grade school, and then to college. Now you have entered your senior years, and it all seems to have gone by in a blink. Through these changes in your life, new family issues that were not a great concern in the past have now become important issues to address. Are you now facing the time when you are ready for an assisted living facility or require senior citizen care?

Planning Your Future

Consider asking yourself some important questions. What do you want for your future and what is important to you? Write the answers down, and develop a plan to address the lifestyle you want to have, and the type of assisted living facility, or senior care that you require. Your retirement planning can be structured so that you receive the highest benefits possible. You can save a great deal of time and money if you properly plan your future. An elder care lawyer can help you plan your estate properly so that you can find just the right facility or level of care you may need at this time.

How Elder Care Lawyers Can Help

An elder care lawyer can save your family from having to go to court to ask a judge for permission to make medical or financial decisions for you, should they become necessary. The new HIPAA laws will disallow your family to make medical decisions for you if you do not plan ahead. You can appoint someone as your elder care manager in order to make these decisions for you when you can no longer do so for yourself.

Once you have an elder care manager, you will want to work out the details of your estate and retirement with your lawyer because you could become a victim of excessive taxes that can consume your estate. Your lawyer can work out a plan that will protect you from the taxes on retirement and IRAs – which in some cases, can exceed 70 percent. In order to afford assisted living or senior care, this has to be avoided. Make sure you are protected by planning ahead.

Your attorney can get you the elder care help that you need if you are thinking along the lines of assisted living facilities, or perhaps more extended senior care. These things can be complicated, and you should have help in order to protect your assets for the future. With the advancements in medicine, growing very old and becoming unable to take care of either your property, or yourself, is a likely scenario for most of us. For this reason, it is necessary to do some short- and long-term planning for your senior years. Once you address all of these issues with your lawyer, you can be guided in the best direction for you and your surviving loved ones. Talk with your lawyer, and you will feel much more at ease about all the things you now have to decide.

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