Ez Adjust Bed Rail Review

There are many aging-in-place products designed to keep older adults safe in their homes for as long as possible. One that should top the list is the Ez Adjust Bed Rail, a simple side rail that can help prevent falls and serve as a support for getting into and out of bed. A convenient, useful and non-intrusive addition to your loved one’s bed, the Ez Adjust Bed Rail is versatile and sturdy, with features that include:

  • adjustment lengths from 26 to 34 to 42 inches once the rail is installed, allowing for maximum protection to convenient accessibility
  • ability to install on either side of the bed
  • a rail that easily pivots up and down to enable the user to get in or out of bed, or allow someone to easily change sheets or make the bed
  • includes a safety strap that attaches to the bed frame to keep it from getting bumped out of place

People who reviewed the product commented on how easy the bed rail was to install and that it added peace of mind to caregivers. Most said it was sturdy, although a few felt the rail could be sturdier. The rail is able to be folded for easy travel, and it doesn’t encroach the user’s sleeping space.

On sale at Amazon.com for around $80, the Ez Adjust Bed Rail does offer peace of mind to caregivers of elderly parents or relatives and much-needed autonomy for people who live alone or simply don’t want to ask for help every time they get into or out of bed.




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