Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker Review

The Fitbit Wireless Activity/Sleep Tracker is a multipurpose health monitoring unit that has all of the functionality of a normal pedometer, but also features several additional features that are surprisingly useful for overall sleep health. Like a pedometer it can track your walking activity, and in addition also can monitor the quality of your sleep throughout the night. Whether you are looking to get healthy or to just monitor your activity, this dual-use device is one of the most recommended health aids on the market, and features a few other special features worth noting:

An Advanced Pedometer
The Fitbit Wireless Activity/Sleep Tracker is among the most accurate pedometers, rarely missing any steps, because it uses a 3D motion sensor combined with an altimeter. These two combine to give you a much better indicator of your personal activity. If you make any movement, then the Fitbit will be able to recognize it. This makes the Fitbit more accurate than traditional pedometers, and more reliable.

Calories Burned
Some pedometers have an additional setting that allows you to check the number of calories burned throughout the day. However, this reading is very rarely accurate. While the Fitbit isn’t 100 percent accurate either, it does account for more factors than just the amount of steps you took.

Because of this, the Fitbit will give you a better picture of the real amount of calories you burned from walking or being active.

The Fitbit is very easy and comfortable to wear. It can be placed or clipped on a pocket, bra or belt without any irritation. It is also comfortable to wear during the night if you are checking your sleep quality.

Sleep Quality
One very unique aspect of the Fitbit is its ability to monitor your sleep quality. You start off by strapping the Fitbit to your wrist while sleeping. This may be a little hard to do for one or two nights if you already have difficulty sleeping, but most people won’t even notice the item.

The Fitbit will then judge how much you move during the night and if you wake up at all. It will then combine these factors to show you how well you sleep.

Data Upload
You can upload your data to the Fitbit website for free. This enables you to easily check your progress by uploading your activity, calories burned and even your current weight. You can also compare the data to other members.

Along with uploading the data, the Fitbit website gives you access to graphs, recipes and workouts that will help you lose weight. You can also gain digital badges based on your performance.

App Integration
The Fitbit can also integrate with several other nutrition and fitness apps like the Fitbit iPhone app, HealthVault, LoseIt! and RunKeeper. This gives you a more balanced look at your health, and it makes logging your activity much easier.

The Fitbit is a great pedometer for tracking your daily activity. It is much more accurate than other pedometers, and its huge array of features puts it above many of the other pedometers and fitness items out there. Another huge plus is the ability to upload data online, as this often motivates members to do even better. Whether you are looking to lose weight or keep track of your activity, the Fitbit is remarkable tool worth looking into.

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  • I strongly recommend the Fitbit Ultra, but realize the sleep monitor feature really only monitors inactivity in bed as sleep.  Hence, if you don’t move around alot it will conclude that you are asleep.  I know I don’t fall asleep within 10 minutes (wish I could) but I don’t move around alot so it shows that I’m asleep in the log.  Realize that it doesn’t really determine REM, etc.

    Still, that aside, this Fitbit Ultra is a great pedometer which is very accurate and the wireless upload of data makes it very convenient.  It’s the pedometer I recommend to walkers.

    Good luck!

    Patti Graham, Author

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