Great Gifts for At-Home Seniors Who Have Everything

It won’t be long before we start making our holiday gift lists. Inevitably, we will all have someone who is hard to shop for either because they don’t ask for anything or they already have everything. Although it is the thought that counts, we all want to make sure the gifts we give are not only appreciated by practical for the designated recipient.
Sometimes, shopping for our aging loved ones can prove to be difficult. You may find they are content with their favorite, worn-in sweaters and slipper and aren’t interested in the latest trends. But, we’ve put together 8 Great Gifts for the elderly to help put a smile on their face and give you satisfaction of finding the perfect gift.

Here are 8 great gifts for the elderly:

1.Snapfon ezONE-C Senior Cell Phone with Big Buttons and Easy to Use

Remember when cell phones were just for making phone calls? This no-contract phone reverts back to that simple premise making it easy to use for your loved one. Using pay-as-you-go phone services nursing home residents can easily make and receive private phone calls anywhere, at any time. The large buttons make it easy to dial and the simplicity of the phone helps to eliminate confusion. This is the perfect phone for anybody looking for an easy-to-use cell phone. The Snapfon ezONE-C Senior Cell Phone is available through and calling cards can be purchased through a variety of retailers.

2 and 3. WII and WII Fit Plus with Balance Board

Gaming is getting more and more popular with seniors, so get your loved one off the couch and enjoying a friendly game of virtual bowling with Nintendo’s WII. This gaming platform is not only fun but provides seniors with easy, non-impact exercises to help strengthen their stamina, balance and even can even get their blood pumping a bit. For the experienced WII bowler, you can upgrade their system by introducing them to the WII Fit Plus with Balance Board where they can do yoga or snowboard with Shaun White.

4. Movie Collections from the “Good Ole Days”

It’s no surprise to anyone to hear of complaints about the movies and television shows that are on today. Reality TV has dominated leaving many yearning for the classics. Turner Classics Movies is making it easy to bring the greats back to life with a series of movies that celebrate some of the best films of all times. Whether it’s musicals, mysteries or love stories, there’s something for everyone.

5. VHS to DVD—bringing memories into the digital age

Long gone are the days of VHS recorders. Most VCRs have seen better days, but the library of home movies is filled with memories your loved one may want to relive. A great gift (although it may take some time) would be to help convert those home movies to DVD. The best part is you can also make copies to share with the rest of the family to watch whenever they want. Amazon has several different types of converting software available, but the VHS to DVD 4.0 gets the best reviews.

6. Dominoes, Sequence and other Great Games

Many seniors love to spend time playing games with their friends and family, but after years of use, many of their games are showing the wear and tear. A great way to share in the love of their favorite game is to bring it back to life with the newest version or commemorative addition, like with this Scrabble Deluxe Wood Edition with storage cabinet. But, don’t just give them the game; make sure you take the time to play a few games too. Sitting down to a game of dominoes is sure to put a smile on a loved one’s face.

7. Single Brew Coffee Makers

Keurig Coffee Machines are all the rage. No more wasting coffee or waiting on the tea kettle to boil with these single-, quick-serve beverage makers. Don’t forget to include the K-cups, which will allow your loved one to make his or her favorite blend of coffee or tea. Flavors range from dark roast coffees to herbal teas and hot chocolates. You can also include a carousel or tray to hold the various types of coffees and teas.

8. Help around the house

Robotic help that is. There is now an entire line of robotic appliances to help make day to day life a little easier. The makers of the iRobot (from the same company that makes the original robotic vacuum, the Roomba), have perfected the device to clean both hard floors and carpet. No more scrubbing on your hands and knees, just a push of a button and your chores are done. Really adventurous gift givers could even look into this robotic lawn mower, which remotely and effortlessly mows the lawn.

What gifts have you given that have brought smiles to your elderly loved ones?

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  • I have a small business called Northern Lights Rhinestone Canes. I embellish walking canes with Swarovski crystals and/or vintage glass cabochons. I just made my mother in law a cane with all 10 of her children’s birthstone crystals incorporated into the design. She cried when she got it. Not only does the cane serve her mobility needs, it is also gorgeous to look at. She loves it.

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