Handicapped Vans Give You Freedom To Travel

Handicapped VansIf you’re living with a disability that makes walking difficult or you need a wheel chair than you already know that it can complicate getting from point A to point B. Buses have sections that can be adjusted to fit wheelchairs but it takes a few minutes to set up. Depending on where you live navigating the train station can be difficult in a wheelchair too

Say Goodbye to Stow and Go

Transporting a wheelchair is bulky for many caregivers. Repeatedly assembling and disassembling the chair between errands can lead to injuries or strains. Bad weather aggravates the situation, and you may resist asking for transportation if you feel guilty about causing hardship for your caregiver.

Handicapped vans can be a major help in simplifying travel and making the commute more comfortable.

Lightweight and portable wheelchairs allow you to travel in style with minimal stress on your caregiver. Some models come as light as 19 pounds, making your wheelchair easy to load into a vehicle. Handicapped vans have different, built in additions to help you get in and take some strain off of you and your caregiver.

Vans can be equipped with a lift or a side/rear ramp for your convenience. They provide reliable transportation for you and your caregiver and eliminate the hassle of transporting your wheelchair. You’ll really appreciate how easy entering the van becomes after a long day out or in bad weather.

Say Hello to Freedom and Mobility

With your van, travel limitations are lifted. You find the freedom to shop at the mall, visit family members or participate in community events with ease.

If you happen to live in an assisted living facility, you can’t simply drive yourself to the grocery store or the park. Limited mobility may cause you to miss family birthday parties, community events or social outings. Despite your need for a wheelchair, you still can enjoy activities like shopping, movies and ball games. Many facilities are able to provide transportation because of these vans.

With a wheelchair accessible van, doctor’s visits, grocery shopping and days out on the town are possible. These vans are spacious enough to fit multiple people with wheelchairs in them comfortably. They allow residents to participate in normal daily activities.

A handicapped accessible van also enables you to travel with your family members on a vacation. Whether you visit family across the country or take a day trip, you gain miles of laughing, talking and enjoying the ride together.

Equipped with safety features, a wheelchair accessible van simply requires a regular inspection to ensure it meets performance and safety standards. It doesn’t require any service that a regular van or car would need.

Convenient and safe, wheelchair accessible vans provide mobility and freedom to you and others who live in assisted living facilities. Exploring the open road with your family and friends can be reality with handicapped transportation.

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