Jewish Assisted Living Facilities and Elder Care Homes

Assisted living is often the perfect answer for any senior who wants to stay active and continue enjoying life. It might take some time to find the best assisted living facility because there are so many different options to choose from but it is worth taking the time to make this important decision. Often family members work together to find the perfect senior housing option. There are many things to consider before making the final choice. The accommodations and amenities of the elder care home should match the needs of the senior. The client’s health needs, interests and finances should be discussed in order to find the best care center match.

Some people forget one of the most important things in deciding which senior living option to place a loved one in, though, and that is religion. And in the lives of many seniors, religion is very important and central in their lives, so choosing religious-based senior housing can make the difference in a positive or negative experience.

Jewish Assisted Living Options: What to Expect from a Jewish Care Home

Judaism is more than a religion, it is a way of life. The traditions, practices, and beliefs are important and most Jewish seniors love the idea of being able to incorporate their religion into the assisted living facility they choose. What could be better than being able to enjoy other people who share your beliefs?

Often the staff at a Jewish senior housing center will facilitate religious studies for the residents. Sometimes they are even lead by one of the residents in the elder care home. There is usually a bus or van to transport the seniors to local services. Of course for those who would rather worship at the assisted living facility, services are usually provided. During the week and on special occasions residents can also choose to go to the synagogue. This is very meaningful to most seniors.

Because most Jewish people observe special dietary laws they are happy to be with others who understand and enjoy the same foods. This is one of the most important reasons to select a Jewish assisted living facility. They understand and cater to all these needs everyday so no senior ever has to compromise what they eat. Of course all the meals are well planned and nutritious and often served in a formal dining room.

Senior are treated well by the staff members and these important relationships are what make a good Jewish assisted living facility enjoyable. It is important to spend some time visiting a range of Jewish care homes, vetting them and getting references before making the final decision. Talk to residents, the staff and others who are part of the assisted living facility. Most Jewish aged care homes serve a complementary meal, so it is important to make sure they provide a wide variety of choices. Ask about dietary needs such as low salt or gluten free diets. All these things are important and always include the senior who is going to be living in the assisted living facility in the decision making process.

One of the most important part of any senior housing option are the activities and senior services. Most seniors have forgotten how to have fun and are often a little shy about getting involved. Dances, card games, parties and general celebration can make the experience great. How exciting for a Jewish senior to be able to continue celebrating the traditions and holidays that are important to them.

There are several Jewish assisted living facilities available. Families who cannot live near their loved one will have complete peace of mind knowing they are in the best possible place and receiving great care. This option can often be frightening to people, but once they move in, and get settled they realize it is just another exciting chapter of life. Most people wonder why they didn’t move in sooner. It certainly is a wonderful trend for seniors who want to continue enjoying life at its fullest.

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