Keys U See Large Print U.S. English USB Wired Keyboard

Like keys to an automobile, keyboard keys are crucial to find freedom online or to type a letter or other document. But as a person’s eyesight diminishes through macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts or other eye ailments, using a keyboard turns frustrating. The Keys U See Large Print Wired Keyboard has helped many with deteriorating eyesight to use the computer without squinting or hitting the wrong keys.

What makes the Keys U See keyboard unique are its yellow buttons featuring large-print, black letters. The contrast makes it easier for anyone using the keyboard–whether the person has compromised vision or is working in a low-light environment.largeprint keyboard

Most keyboard users are familiar with the  standard 104-key layout. On the Keys U See Large Print keyboard, though larger, the keys follow the same layout as a typical keyboard which means you don’t have to learn to type a new way. You can simply plug it in and get started.

Additional features include “hot keys” on the keyboard that make it easier to access commonly used commands, like searching the internet and accessing e-mail. And ever energy friendly, there are wake and sleep keys for when you leave your workstation, but don’t want to shut down completely.

The Keys U See keyboard offers a limited warranty and is compatible with a variety of systems and software. It works with the following platforms:
• Windows 98, ME, NT, 200 XP and Vista
• Plug n Play for Windows 7, NT, 2000, XP and Vista

Reviews of this keyboard are overwhelmingly positive, with many saying it has brought joy in using the computer back to their loved ones. Available on Amazon for $36.94, reviewers say the keyboard is well-made and worth every penny.

Rely on the contrast and large letters to make typing easy and fun again for your loved one with visual impairments with the Keys U See Large Print keyboard.



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