LogicMark Guardian Alert Emergency Phone: Review

The LogicMark Guardian Alert Emergency Phone system is not just an emergency phone system for the home, but it is peace of mind that you cannot get anywhere else. The features of the phone system are such that you can use it for any purpose and with any person.

What to Expect

When you purchase the LogicMark system, you will find that you are getting something that looks more like a walkie talkie than a phone. The way the system works makes it easy to use, and that is why it appears to be a radio and not a phone.

The system comes with a base that you plug into the wall. This can sit anywhere in the house because the remote units will work anywhere around the home. You also get radios, or phones, that have lanyards that allow you to hang it around your neck. This keeps you from getting sweaty palms as you carry it around the house. This also keeps children from losing it and allows senior citizens to have it around their neck in case of an emergency.

Special Features

The system also has features that keep it useful throughout the home. The casing of each remote unit is waterproof, so you can take it in the shower with you in case of an emergency. Many times, people slip and fall in the bathtub, and there is no way to get to a phone for help. With the LogicMark system, you are virtually guaranteed help because the units can be taken anywhere and work in any part of the home.

When you purchase the system, you can use the multiple remote units for children and the elderly that live in the home to ensure their safety. The best part of the system is that it is not a phone in the traditional sense. You press a button, and because the system is plugged into the phone line, it automatically dials 911 for you when you have an emergency. Only having to press one button when someone might be very hurt or in pain could mean the difference between getting help and not getting help.


This is the perfect system for the family that wants to make sure that the children and elderly in their family are taken care of when they are not around. The LogicMark system provides security and peace of mind for those who might fall and injure themselves, and it helps the families who worry about them everyday.

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