Sennheiser RS120 Over-Ear 900MHz Wireless RF Headphones with Charging Cradle Review

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There are times you just want to hear the TV clearly, or listen to your favorite music without other audible interruptions. Especially in an assisted living setting, where people gather and talk, or if residents share a room, it can be difficult to focus on one sound. Tune out the outside noise and tune in your show or music with the help of wireless headphones.

Comfortable to wear, with terrific sound quality, the Sennheiser RS120 Over-Ear 900MHz wireless headphones are the perfect solution. Lightweight and cord-free, you can wear these headphones and still move about the room. The signal can transmit reception through walls, ceilings and even outdoors. Wherever you go, expect clear, warm, well-balanced sound and excellent bass reproduction.

The headphones connect to RCA jacks (red and white outputs), devices like desktop computers and laptops, and other devices with either a 1/8-inch or 1/4-inch headphone sockets. They are also compatible with set-top DVD & Blu-Ray players, DVRs, satellite receivers, a/v receivers, MP3 players, LCD, Plasma and standard televisions that feature RCA outputs.

When not in use, simply set them on the transmitter, which can be wall-mounted for convenience, and the headset recharges with two rechargeable NiMH batteries that are included.

Other features of the wireless RF headphones include:

  • Three selectable channels
  • Ability to receive the RF signal through multiple headphones from one transmitter
  • Convenient controls, including a volume on/off and tuning control on the headphone
  • Open-Aire Supra-Aural design for hi-fidelity audio reproduction
  • 2-year warranty
  • Replacable earpads

Many reviewers note how glad they are to have two people in the same space listen to either the same programming at different sound levels or altogether different programming–one watching sports in the headphones while the other listens to music, for example. Overall, sound quality got good reviews save a few who noted a faint buzzing, especially as they moved farther from the transmitter.

A great gift idea at $99 on for someone hard-of-hearing or someone who shares your space, but not your choice of music or TV shows!

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