Spotlight on Adagio Adult Family Home

The Adagio Adult Family Home, a unique assisted living home geared toward the needs of residents living with dementia stemming from stroke or other vascular disorders. Run by resident providers Maxine and Harvey Brink, residents are cared for as if they are a member of the family. You will find that this facility provides an extraordinary level of care for your loved ones at a reasonable cost in a family setting. Once they join the Adagio family, you are all now considered part of the family and always welcome with their open door policy.

Located just north of the Puget Sound in Everett, Washington, Adagio is situated on a beautifully landscaped lot on a residential cul-de-sac that is home to families and retires alike. With a beautiful view of Gardner Bay and the nearby mountains, residents are encouraged to enjoy the outdoors through supervised strolls along the cul-de-sac and walks through the professionally landscaped gardens on the grounds.

Even though this facility is licensed for up to six residents, the Brinks keep the limit to three or four residents at a time to be able to provide individualized attention to all. Support is available 24-hours a day from certified and registered nursing assistant who are overseen by a registered nurse with over 30 years of experience with geriatric care.

When asked what sets this facility apart from others Maxine will quickly respond, “We strive to create joy and create pleasure based on small moments, which help to provide a sense of contentment.” This philosophy is based on the author Jolene Brackey’s teachings of how even though dementia and Alzheimer’s patients suffer from short-term memory loss and not remember what they did, the sense of how it made them feel remains.

Perhaps one clue to the uniqueness of Adagio is when you first walk the door and are met by the smell of food, whether it is something baking in the oven or simmering on the stove. This lends to the feeling of being home, according to Maxine. As food is one of the joys in life that becomes ever so more important as we age, menus are tailored to the residents’ tastes and eating abilities. There is no set menu that all must eat and offerings will change often to reflect this. All meals are served family style with Maxine, Harvey, and whoever else might be visiting at that particular time eating with the residents in a family setting. Residents’ families are always welcome to partake in mealtime.

Activities at Adagio are constantly changing to the residents’ interests and abilities. If one resident prefers to not take part in a specific activity, they are encouraged to do something else that they enjoy. S “One week the book case may be loaded with puzzles, the next games, or an entire different offering of books,” Maxine says. “Recently residents enjoyed a beautiful fall afternoon sitting on the deck watching boats sail by on Gardener Bay, which is an activity they all look forward to.”

Residents are encouraged to take part in “activities of daily living” as their abilities allow. This allows them the satisfaction of feeling they are doing their part in the running of the home. Family members can feel at ease with their loved ones living at Adagio as it is in every sense a home. They often remark how much this facility feels like a home and how they feel welcome when visiting instead being considered an intrusion.

If you are considering placing your loved one a facility as they transform toward an “adagio” or slower pace in their lives due to dementia, the Adagio Adult Family Home should be on your list of considerations in the northwest Washington area. You can rest assured that they will be well cared for in a loving, nurturing, and safe environment that embraces the individuality of all.

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