Standers Able Tray Review

Sitting down and standing up can become a real chore when joints are stiff and achy or your balance is off. Your favorite chair, couch or recliner is not off limits when you have the Standers Able Tray, a multi-use tool that attaches sturdily to your sofa, chair or even lift chair. Its first job is to provide balance assistance, with an ergonomically designed handle for safety and balance help–your steady hand when lowering into or rising from a seated position. But the Standers Able Tray offers more than a sturdy hand. Other features include:

  • a tray large enough for your laptop or crafting, with cup holder and utensil compartment
  • swivel functionality up to 360 degrees to move easily out of your way
  • adjustable height and length to accommodate more than one user
  • quick and easy assembly

The unit is fully adjustable from 26 to 32 inches for the tray height and 34 to 40 inches for the handle height. The base length of the tray adjusts from 34 to 40 inches, fitting most couches, recliners and lift chairs.

Assembly is a snap, shipping in just four pieces. Two bottom base units slide together, with the handle inserting directly into the base. The tray attaches easily without the need for tools.

Aside from a few reviews that mention the hardware is not strong enough to support the unit, reviewers were very impressed with the Standers Able Tray. One user remarked on the attractiveness of the tray, saying that the unit’s attractive finish blends well with her furniture rather than standing out as a piece of medical equipment.

At a reasonable price of about $130 on, the Standers Able Tray is a useful, sturdy and attractive tool to preserve your mobility.

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