Top 10 Assisted Living Facilities in Cleveland, OH

For those exploring assisted living in Cleveland, you’ve come to the right place. Cleveland has University Circle! Populated with cultural, religious, social service, and of course educational facilities, you’ve stumbled upon an eclectic environment of diversity and excitement.

There’s lots of bars, restaurants and entertainment in the area as well, should you decide to leave the facility for a little fun. For art lovers, there’s the Cleveland Museum of Art (a must visit, over and over). Also enjoy the West Side Market, the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, Little Italy and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum.

For baby boomers, we know you loved to rock in your day, why not continue? There’s hiking in Cleveland at the North Chagrin Reservation, and there’s even a world-famous Zoo. There’s not enough space here to explain all the benefits of Cleveland. So, start here, come back and leave some comments in the comment section.

Above all, Cleveland boasts some of the country’s best healthcare and assisted living facilities. Cleveland is a town that attracts some of the finest doctors, and some of the most thorough facility planners. If you want to have an eventful, and exciting retirement, but also want an assisted living facility where you can find peace – Cleveland is a good bet. Below are your top 10 assisted living facilities in Cleveland.

The Woodlands at Shaker Heights

16333 Chagrin Blvd

Cleveland, OH 44120


This facility is a must-see. It has an old-style charm, it’s clean and just basically gorgeous. From the moment, you set your eyes on the outside of the building, by the time you go to the library, eat dinner, and rest in your bed – you’ll know this is home. Woodlands at Shaker Heights stands out and stands alone in comparison to other assisted living facilities in the nation. You heard that right, in the nation. 

Sunrise at Parma

7766 Broadview Rd

Cleveland, OH 44134


Think beauty, and think amenities. Also know that this facility occasionally offers a move-in special. You’ll expect trained staff 24-hours per day here, weekly personal laundry, daily activities (creative, social, learning), three well-balanced daily meals, a variety of floor plans to choose from, and much more. Expect exceptional dining options here, and a place you really can call home. You may be wondering, after being here, why you didn’t move-in sooner.

Governor’s Village

280 North Commons Boulevard

Mayfield Village, OH 44143


Howdy governor! Governor’s Village has perhaps one of the best dining rooms that can be seen in an assisted living facility anywhere. One thing to note about a well-cared for dining room, and clean facility, is you can expect any care that you will need, to be precise, and on point. Where there’s care in one department, there’s care in another.

There are a variety of floor plans to choose from, and some amenities include: a sidewalk café, a theater, chapel, exercise room, and of course, a hair-salon. Don’t go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame without a haircut. Wait, maybe cut it after you visit, party on in the meantime.


14900 Private Drive

Cleveland, Ohio 44112


There’s a lot to say for McGregor. McGregor is a diverse medical community, surely it has a home environment, but it can meet many health needs as well. This may be a great place for those of you who need a little closer medical observation.

Keep in mind, assisted living is just that, you’re not moving into a nursing home. But, if you have any anxiety about your health status, staff are just a stone’s throw away (although the facility prefers no throwing of stones – safety reasons and all).

Judson Park

2181 Ambleside Dr.

Cleveland, OH 44106


Remember we talked about University Circle? Well here, you’re in the heart of it. Not to mention, this facility consistently ranks high. Look at this U.S. News and World Report article. Take into serious consideration, Judson Park. Judson Park is just what you need, if what you desire is a quality facility in Cleveland Circle. Who doesn’t need a little Cleveland Circle in their heart?

St. Augustine Towers

7821 Lake Ave

Cleveland, OH 44102


If you are looking for peace, security, privacy, and comfort, in a faith-based environment, this is your destination. For those who value faith and what it can offer to your life, this facility should be under serious consideration. If you want to talk God, expect a staff that wants to talk God with you. The facility boasts incredible rates, and is an environment where you can continue to grow.

Park Creek Center

10064 N Church Drive

Cleveland, OH 44130


Park Creek already knows your assisted living needs. They know you want top-notch care, and a comfortable environment – so they provide it. Park Creek Center focuses their philosophy on love and on families. Believing in physical and emotional balance for residents, the staff considers the entire person. The staff truly cares.

Pearl View, Inc.

4426 Homestead Drive

Brunswick, OH, 44212


Pearl View is more of a post-hospital discharge facility. Not focused on assisted living, the facility focuses on getting you better after you’ve been released from the hospital. It should be included in this list, however, for the purposes of knowing its existence. If you choose one of the other assisted living facilities, perhaps keep Pearl View as an option should you become ill.

Gateway Family House

3 Gateway Drive

Euclid, OH 44119


This is an adorable little facility. With activities, great food, and a calm living environment, residents at the Gateway Family House find refuge from a world that won’t quit. Yes, we love the world, we contributed to it, but how about some time to get some peace? At Gateway, you can.

Greenbrier Retirement

6455 Pearl Road

Cleveland, OH 44130


Providing outstanding, dedicated medical support, Greenbrier is another group to strongly consider. Services are extensive, and can help you improve your health. It’s no secret we all will die. But for some unfortunate reason, it seems it can be a secret that we can really live, in our latter years. Greenbrier doesn’t buy into that false secret.

Cleveland Assisted Living Facilities are Top-Notch

Perhaps rivaling any other medical community in America, any other cultural community in America, this is the place to be. Once you’ve decided that this is the place for you to thrive, start to consider one of the above assisted living facilities, and close the deal.

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