Top 10 Assisted Living Facilities in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville may be the place for you! Seniors really enjoy “River by the Sea.” Jacksonville is known for beautiful beaches, an exciting environment, while also having a laid-back side. Jacksonville is an old movie town, it’s filled with lovely parks, and the city cries “history.” There are many wonderful places where you can satisfy your curiosity for history, and you can become an expert of your new town. Consider spending some of your best years here, at any of the following (unordered), Jacksonville top 10 assisted living facilities.

Sterling House of Merrimac

Jacksonville, FL 32210

Brookdale has signature Personalized Assisted Living, which allows for the customization of care offerings for the individual. The quality of care allows for individualized attention and assistance where it’s most needed. With nursing on staff, a visiting podiatrist and a range of other caregivers, your health is given priority. With a wide array of optional activities and ample resting areas, you can be as active or relaxed as you wish. Just don’t rest during the activities or you will miss the fun!

Emeritus at Southpoint

Jacksonville, FL 32216

With a comfy, homelike setting, you are sure to feel right where you want to be at Southpoint. An attentive staff cares for your needs, and lets you be when you want some solitude. Unique activities are provided by the facility, within the home, or in the bustling city of Jacksonville. The combination of high-level care, and unique opportunity for socialization make Emeritus at Southpoint a tough place to counter.

Emeritus at Orange Park

Orange Park, FL 32073

Here you can expect quality daily care and assistance with bathing and dressing, personalized meals, quality care, and activity options second to none. As an Emeritus facility, you can expect high-level, skilled health care, with a flair of comfort and fun provided by the rest areas, and activities, respectively. Frequent housekeeping keeps your home clean and an environment where you can see your overall health is regarded. In the event of an emergency, there’s an emergency response call system, which alerts local EMS at the time you need them most.

Emeritus at Mandarin

Jacksonville, FL 32257

As with most quality assisted living facilities, you can expect medication management assistance. Quality and skilled medication management is an expectation at Emeritus facilities, so if your medication list is long and hard to follow, relax, not anymore. You will get expert assistance with transport and walking, keeping you safe as you get around. Another benefit that Emeritus at Mandarin advertises, is assistance with your laundry. No more lugging that laundry basket. You can watch your favorite program while your laundry is tended to.

Sterling House of Jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL 32257

Brookdale stresses its focus on you and your preferences. Brookdale is not about “completing tasks to get them done,” they are more about “assisting the client with what they need most.” The focus is you. With expert health care on hand, such as a doctor who is on call, and 24-hour nursing access, you are safe here at Sterling House. With many activities to choose from, from bingo to city escapades, expect that you will be busy – unless of course, you want some alone time. With a clean facility, and attentive staff, you will feel right at home.

Wyndham Lakes

Jacksonville, FL 32257

With visiting nurses, podiatrists, occupational and physical therapists, and aides, among others, your health care is of utmost importance at Wyndham Lakes. Parking is available, so you have easy access to transportation. There are nearby worship facilities, so you can meet your spiritual health needs. With a great menu selection, you are likely to be quite happy with your meals as well. Consider Wyndham Lakes if you want quality care, and a comfortable environment.

Atrium at Regency

Jacksonville, FL 32225

At Atrium, there is an Optimum Life Program. Optimum life is a journey of self-discovery allowing you to “pursue your peak level of health, wholeness and fulfillment while balancing six key dimensions of personal wellness: emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and purpose.” There is exceptional health care provided here, and you can rest assured your health is a priority. With visiting nurses and other staff on hand, should you suffer from any health ailments, you can expect quality management of them.

Carriage Club of Jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL 32256

Carriage Club of Jacksonville, also a Brookdale facility, has the Optimum Life program available to you as well. With complimentary transportation, a parking area, meals, laundry provided, among many other amenities, you will feel very cared for. Let’s face it, you’ve earned it, you’ve earned quality care, and Carriage Club is going to provide it. With an arrangement of varying daily activities, there is much you can get involved with. If you are a smoker, there are places where you can (designated areas), as the Carriage Club understands, some people smoke. Keeping it in designated areas also keeps the air fresh for those who don’t smoke.

Sunrise of Jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL 32256

Sunrise of Jacksonville is a popular choice for many people in the Jacksonville area. You can bring your cat or dog! Sunrise realizes that it is your home and provides facilities that cater to that fact. Don’t forget to get your hair done. With an on-site beautician, you will be nice and beautiful as you take that trip to the local hot spot, with the activities department. A focus on your most central needs is what makes Sunrise stand out. Here, you are #1.

The Allegro at Fleming Island

Orange Park, FL 32003

One of the outstanding benefits of this facility is its location. With easy access to Jacksonville hot spots, you’ll always have something to do. Your meals are carefully planned, and your health care is first-rate. Call us today to get some more information on this facility, and we expect you to be impressed. With lots of activities, and lots of time for private reflection, choose your adventure. Consider the Allegro, for a quality home.

Is Jacksonville for You?

Is this the place you want to call home? If you’re not sure of course, you can contact one of our advisors for more information and direction if you want it. We can help talk you through these facility options, and dig deeper on the questions you need answered. Call today!

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