Top 10 Assisted Living Facilities in Naples

Florida is full of beauty that often goes unnoticed due to distractions usually reported on the news. As it is, Florida has become one of the most popular living destination reported by Forbes magazine for not only seniors, but also younger people. There are many activities one can experience in the picturesque and active state, as well as build a career and life. In other words, you may be considering a move to Florida, or within the state, but due to the states diversity in people and fun, it’s highly possible that this could be a destination for the entire family and extended family. The health care in the state is excellent, and boasts some world renown hospitals and care organizations.

Florida, and Naples need to be seen to be believed. Living in an assisted living facility in Naples offers you the opportunity to not only relax during your retirement, but also to thrive in that retirement. It may be time to consider a move to Florida, and most people you speak to who live there will corroborate sentiments discussed here. Now let’s look at 10 of the top assisted living facilities within 75 miles of the Naples area (in no particular order), and start thinking seriously, how happy you want your future to be.

Lely Palms of Naples

Naples, FL 34113

What should be said of Lely Palms is its focus on your active lifestyle. With respect to your innate desires to live life fully, Lely Palms offers the antidote to boredom. Activities are plentiful, socialization is always available, and it’s a clean, comfortable facility to boot. With respect to your health, you can expect an environment of caring and compassion here. With experienced staff members and professionals who want to see you thrive in health, you can plan on a great quality of life. Of the few facilities available in Naples, Lely Palms is a clear standout. Click the link above to learn more and contact Assisted Living Today for personal and professional guidance. 

Homewood Residence at Naples

Naples, FL 34102

Brookdale facilities like this have some attractive signature programs. Brookdale is unique in that it truly caters to the whole person regardless of his needs. If your biggest medical problem relates to poor breathing, for instance, Brookdale would never shy away from caring for your mental health needs. The medical approach is to view you as a complete, special person. When you contact Assisted Living Today, be sure to ask about Brookdale’s signature services directly, including: Optimum Life, Brookdale Celebrates, and Brain Fit. You are likely to be impressed.  

Orchid Terrace Moorings Park

Naples, FL 34105

Moorings Park has a tagline that reads “simply the best.” It’s quite possible they are high on lists of bests (not including this one). With all the amenities of most quality assisted living facilities, Moorings Park does great in treating memory care issues. Everyone becomes forgetful (for the most part), and your needs are cared for whatever you remember or whatever you don’t. Not only is good memory care important for the forgetful, obviously, a strong health care team that can help with effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s is important. Moorings Part does not fall short to that challenge. They meet it and even beat it in whichever ways possible. 

Carlisle at Naples

Naples, FL 34109

The Carlisle at Naples is such a beautiful facility. For those who need luxury alongside health care, you are in serious luck right here. This facility needs to be seen to be believed. When you contact Assisted Living Today, be sure to ask about the aesthetic appeal of this facility. The representative will give you the information you need to make the decision to live here or not. Personally, after much review, it’s clear that this facility as an option will be at the very top of your list (or very close to the top). 

Merrill Gardens at Naples

Naples, FL 34109

Merrill Gardens has a fun tagline and that is “enjoy more.” As a family-owned facility that provides high-quality health care, alongside a great ability to meet your personal needs, again, here is a facility worth thinking seriously about. You are not viewed as at the end of your life, you are viewed as you should be here; a person with needs and wishes to have a high quality of life. Be sure to ask about the dining options, as that alone is possibly enough to get you to say “yes!” 

Emeritus at Bonita Springs

Bonita Springs, FL 34134

As an affordable facility with a focus on your total well-being, Emeritus at Bonita Springs is sure to impress. Here you can find the amenities you desire, the cleanliness you expect, and a strong clinical staff to meet your unique health care needs. Bonita Springs is beautiful in and of itself, so the location alone is worth seriously considering this facility for. With a library and an anytime café, for instance, as a couple of the amenities, go right ahead and get that hot tea and biscuit, grab a classic by Twain, and enjoy a peaceful nighttime read before you rest your head for the evening. 

Sterling House of Lehigh Acres

Lehigh Acres, FL 33936

As a Brookdale facility, you will have access to the unmatched signature programs they offer as described in the “Homewood Residence” above. How you can contrast this facility with that is location (among other things that can be discussed with our representatives). If you like the allure of Naples, consider Homewood, if you’re drawn to the comfort of Lehigh Acres, consider the Sterling House. Regardless of your choice, you should expect high-quality health care, alongside unique amenities. 

Barkley Place

Ft. Myers, FL 33907

Barkley Place claims “Sunny, Florida style living” here, and it surely is. With unique furnishings and art, this facility is likely to appeal to the “almost-islander” in all of us. Amenities are plenty, staff is professional and skilled, and don’t forget the pool table. Of course, there is much more to this facility, but only so much space here. Call an Assisted Living Today representative by clicking the link above to discover for yourself, more about this high-quality facility. 

Emeritus at Fort Myers

Ft. Myers, FL 33907

Perhaps you are a Red Sox fan? If so, remember the club’s spring training program is right here in the city of Ft. Myers. With all the high-quality amenities, great health care provision, and orderliness of any Emeritus facility, your decision here may come down to location. Your needs can and will be met by the Emeritus facility of your choice, but the Ft. Myers facility is particularly of note due to its less-busy outside environment. Contact Assisted Living Today for more specific information about this facility. 

Emeritus at the Lakes

Ft. Myers, FL 33907

Emeritus at the Lakes may be an excellent choice, again, if you require an established, reputable organization here in Florida. Amenities provided here are likely to meet your needs, and you will have a lot of fun with the planned activities. Don’t pass up this facility if you wish to be completely satisfied. 

So, do you belong in the Naples area?

Our belief is that so many of us “belong” here, it’s just a matter of first finding that out. Florida’s reputation hides behind a shroud of sometimes uncomfortable uncertainty. With personal experience of the state, I’m confident you may find it as one of the best (as I do).

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