Top 10 Assisted Living Facilities in Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon is one of those places that you’ve always wanted to live, but maybe didn’t know it. Portland is a populated city, but, everywhere you go you’ll find, you’re in a close-knit community. Everyone knows your name, or at least seemingly. If you don’t mind some rain, or even if you like it, this may be a good place for you. Regardless of the rain, the city is beautiful, comforting, and close to other major areas like Seattle.

Don’t forget, if you like to read, Powell’s Books is in town. This is one of the most famous, and interesting used book stores worldwide. Even if you’re not a big reader, with this catalyst, you may start. Once you’ve decided Portland is where you want to be, start considering your next home. Below you will find 10 of the best facilities in Portland, in no particular order. Read on for some interesting information.

Terwilliger Plaza

Portland, OR 97201

Terwilliger Plaza offers and urban environment. That should not take away from the fact that this urban area remains peaceful, and comfortable. You will find a wide range of services here such as nursing, a podiatrist, speech therapy, the list goes on. There are plenty of activities to keep you occupied, and enjoying your time. Be sure to take-in the marvelous views of the City of Roses from your bedroom window! 

Hawthorn Gardens Senior Living Community

Portland, OR 97214

One of the highest rated facilities in the state, you are sure to find happiness here. Amenities are plenty, and cleanliness is obvious. There’s a resident parking area, beautiful outdoor common areas, easy access to devotional services of your choice, and you can bring your cat or dog!

These are only a few benefits to living at Hawthorn Gardens, take a look for yourself or contact us today, for assistance. Don’t forget, there’s an expert nursing staff on hand for your medical needs. Take a look at Hawthorn Gardens, you’ll be happy you did. 

Laurelhurst Village

Portland, OR 97214

Care for you is at the center of Laurelhurst’s philosophy. You will receive expert medical and nursing care, should you have any need. It’s not only the medical care that is top-notch. From the housekeepers, to the dining room servers, to the administration, you will realize that your needs are what means most to everyone here. Laurelhurst is very affordable too. There’s no catch to that. Yes, you can live in a wonderful place and still afford the payments. 

Sellwood Landing Assisted Living

Portland, OR 97202

Sellwood Landing is yet another facility that had to be included on this list. With a wide range of amenities, and expert care at your side, you can feel happy and safe here. If you have Alzheimer’s or are developing it, not to worry! We realize it’s traumatic for you, and so does Sellwood Landing. That’s why you will find remarkable, supportive care here.

For the gentlemen. Do you need a haircut or shave, but you’re used to going to the barber? Well, there’s one on staff. Ladies, fancy a day of getting your hair done? Well, Sellwood Landing has you covered. 

Hillside Residence

Portland, OR 97210

Hillside Residence has a reputation for excellence within Portland, and throughout the state of Oregon. If you have minimal need for care, this is the place for you. But wait. If you have heavy care needs, this is the place for you as well! Hillside Residence doesn’t shy-away from a challenge. Expect what you need at this outstanding facility.

Markham House

Portland, OR 97219

Do you enjoy a good meal? Who doesn’t right? Well, you’ll have a wide-range of food choices here, all cooked to your liking. Aside from food, if your main concern is health care, Markham House is ready and available to help you for as long as you need. With expert health care staff on hand, your medical needs will be covered.

There are plenty of other amenities, but particular attention should be payed to their activities department. You can expect to be quite pleased with the range and depth of offerings. 

Oswego Springs Assisted Living

Portland, OR 97219

From wonderful amenities, to health care excellence, Oswego Springs stands out. Be sure to contact Assisted Living Today, so we can direct you to the best people to speak with at the facility. You can expect all your questions answered, so you can make a good decision. Oswego Springs has made the top 10 list because of their unprecedented quality, so be sure not to pass up exploring here as an option. 

West Hills Village & Rehab

Portland, OR 97219

With nurses on staff, a doctor on call, physical, occupational and speech therapies, your medical needs are well covered here. There are plenty of activities to choose from here as well. With an activities staff that is a cut above the rest (so to speak), if you like to be occupied, and enjoy your time (who doesn’t), then check out this facility for sure. West Hills Village & Rehab has the amenities you need, at a cost you and your family can afford. 

Calaroga Terrace

Dining at Calaroga Terrace, senior living in Portland, Oregon.

Portland, OR 97232

Do you like to live in tall buildings? This is a 17-story high-rise, offering superb views, excellent security, and an urban lifestyle you will enjoy. There’s plenty of parking, and for those of you who don’t drive, you have plenty of access to their free transportations services. The facility allows cats and dogs as well. There’s a wonderful, ever-changing dinner menu, and beautician services on-site. Give us a call, or email us for the many more specificities that make this facility a top 10. 

Raleigh Hills Assisted Living

Portland, OR 97225

Raleigh Hills is dedicated to your privacy, safety, health, and confidentiality. They know each of those means so much to you. So, you can expect your needs to be met. There’s an on-site expert medical staff, the facility is spotless (because they know you like to live in style), and plenty of fun activities to choose from. Give Assisted Living Today a call, and maybe realize that this is the best facility for you. 

To Portland, or Not to Portland?

After some further research, we’re confident that this is a place you would really be happy at. With personal experience living in this city, it can be said, firsthand, it’s one of the best places in America. With a wide-range of equipped facilities to choose from, you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. Just north of Portland is the beautiful city of Seattle, if you’re considering looking for assisted living in the Pacific Northwest in general, check out our Top 10 Assisted Living Facilities in Seattle page.

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