Top 10 Assisted Living Facilities in Skokie, IL

Skokie, Illinois has everything you need. From big city fun nearby, and quaint charm as well, there is an amazing balance right here in the Skokie area. The following 10 facilities are the top ten in the Skokie area in no particular order. None of the facilities are directly in Skokie, but they are the top 10 as close to it as possible. Read below, gain some interest in a few of your favorites, and give us a call when you want to learn more. We’re here to help!

Lincolnwood Place

Lincolnwood, IL 60712

Lincolnwood Place believes in treating you the way you want to be treated, with care. With nursing staff available at a moment’s notice, they are prepared to cater to your health care needs. That’s not it though. You can expect a plethora of opportunity to engage yourself in activities, and social fun. As the closest assisted living facility to Skokie, on this list, you have almost immediate access to an amazing city. Call Assisted Living Today for more information, this just might be the place for you. 

Alden Estates of Evanston

Evanston, IL 60201

Alden Estates of Evanston is particularly interesting. With a seasoned health care staff available to treat you in any way you need, whether physical or emotional, you can expect your entire self to be well cared for. The facility also has hospice available on-site, so if in the event it is your time, you can spend your final days at your home. With a delicious dining menu, and an uncharacteristically happy staff, expect your heart to be warmed every time you walk in the front door. 

North Shore Hotel

Evanston, IL 60201

At North Shore Hotel, you have a place you can truly call home. With your home located within an historic building, you are sure to find old-time charm right here. With easy access to Skokie, and Evanston, you will have plenty of activities to keep you busy all the time. Not your typical hotel, North Shore Hotel truly makes you feel at home. That’s what we all want, right? 

North Grove Manor

Morton Grove, IL 60053

North Grove Manor, located in the beautiful city of Morton Grove has just about everything you need, right at home. There’s assisted living of course, but also hospice and respite care. The health care staff are well trained, and the ancillary staff are too. Everyone here wants to see you succeed in happiness during your golden years. We can’t forget to mention the outstanding menu options here too, come find out for yourself. Be sure to contact Assisted Living Today for more information, and to be put in touch with the right person to help you. 

Norwood Crossing

Chicago, IL 60631

Norwood Crossing is a nonprofit facility, located in the Northwest side of Chicago. Norwood Crossing seems to have exactly what they need to care for your every concern. In other words, they know the health care you need, they’re aware of your dining needs, and they know how to keep you comfortable. How did they gain all this wisdom? From people like you. They listen to what you need, and they try to deliver. Expect special treatment here at Norwood Crossing. 

Belmont Village of Glenview

Glenview, IL 60025

Whether your care needs are light, medium or heavy, Belmont Village of Glenview knows how to take care of you. As one of the 10 best facilities in the Skokie area, they take caregiving seriously. With nurses on staff, and a doctor or dentist in when you need them, you’ll never go without. Those are just a few of the provider disciplines available to you.

The facility also has a great activity lineup. In other words, these are activities that you don’t want to skip, because you know you’ll be missing out on something special. With an activities team who knows your likes, most activities will be suited to your tastes. 

Bethany Retirement Community

Chicago, IL 60640

Bethany Retirement Community prides itself on providing you a safe and secure homelike environment. Not just “homelike” … home. Located in Chicago and close to everything you could imagine of ever needing, you’ll have plenty to do. This is not a facility that is too busy either. You might think, “it’s in Chicago, in a busy neighborhood” but the truth is, the neighborhood is quaint, and as you step in the doors, you’ll feel at peace. As Bethany Retirement Community knows you should. 

Sunrise of Park Ridge

Park Ridge, IL 60068

Sunrise of Park Ridge is a part of the major Sunrise corporation. The company has many assisted living facilities within the country, so they’ve had enough time to get it right. You’re never a number at a Sunrise facility. It may be easy to think “big corporation, less care.” The truth is, they know in order to succeed as a company, they need to answer every call. Sunrise facilities are historically good, and the trend is going upward. Your needs will never be lost here. 

Autumn Green Wright Campus

Chicago, IL 60634

Autumn Green Wright Campus appeals to many people because of its beauty. The facilities are clean and newer than most. The living environment is more of an apartment-style rather than an assisted living. That is of course, if the apartment had quality professional health care and ancillary staff on hand at all times. Autumn Green Wright Campus is the place to live for anyone. Be sure to give us a call and ask for more information, as it’s important to get your home before someone else does. 

The Hallmark in Chicago

Chicago, IL 60657

With outstanding views of the Chicago skyline, and Lake Michigan as well, your need for a nice view is totally met here. With housekeeping, a quality health care team, and even the opportunity to bring your cat or dog, you know this is just a sampling of the many more things the Hallmark offers. In other words, you have activities, free transportation if you need it, to where you need to go, and so on. You must check out the Hallmark in more depth, we think you may find it in your top three, of this top 10 list. 

The Skokie/Chicago Area can be Your Home

Consider one of these top 10 facilities in the area, and give us a call. Our number is everywhere on the website, we promise to lead you to the top 1 facility for you.

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