What Happens To Your Body As You Age

If there is one certainty in life (outside of taxes, of course) it is your body ages. Often times, it ages so gracefully and slowly you just never see it, until one day you look in the mirror and realize you’re not as young as you once were. Of course, you may still feel as young as ever, as age is often just a number in your head, as you generally are as young as you feel. However, your body does begin to age in different ways, and no matter your age, it is important to know how your body ages and what is (or currently is) going to happen. Some individuals do age faster than others, but as long as you know what to expect, you don’t have to be completely left off guard in order when these changes take place.

Heart Health

As your body ages, the muscles inside your heart beats less efficient and it attempts to work harder in order to produce the same amount of blood and circulate it through your body. The blood vessels inside your body also lose some of the elasticity, which causes the heart to work even harder to pump blood through the veins. This is a large cause behind high blood pressure. It is possible to offset many of these changes though, which is done through physical activity, including jogging, swimming and other athletic tasks you can undertake. These all work and strengthen your heart, in order to help it stay strong as you age. This way, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard. Having a strong heart is essential in living a long, healthy life.

Bone Health

While you age, your bones begin to shrink, not just in size, but also in density (this is why individuals seem to shrink as they age). Muscles also begin to lose strength while you age. To prevent this, or at least to limit it, calcium and vitamin D is important in the diet, and working out with weights help secure both bone density and muscle consistency. Working with weights help prevent osteoporosis and prevent other injuries relating to joins in your body.

Digestive Health

It takes longer for your body to digest food and constipation becomes more of a common issue. As long as you eat a fiber-rich diet, drink plenty of fluids and exercise regularly, you shouldn’t see much issues with this. You also need to eat healthy. Processed foods can cause all sorts of issues with your body, ranging from blockage of the colon, which over time can lead to colon cancer, to cancer of the intestines. Focusing in on healthy, unprocessed foods (such as vegetables and fruits help prevent these such actions). Medications are available for more extreme conditions.

Memory Health

Memory is a vital aspect towards anyone’s life. As you age, you are going to find it more difficult to remember events and tasks. It has been well documented the younger you are, the easier it is to learn and excel at new tasks. The number of cells in the brain decrease, which makes it more difficult to retain information. This also leads to it being more difficult to retain important data, such as names, events and numbers. To help offset this, physical activity helps not only strengthen your mind, but also you body. You can also eat a healthy diet and stay mentally active. This includes having a strong social life and even doing the daily crossword puzzle in the paper. As long as you are exercising your brain on a regular basis, it makes it easier for you to use it.

Eye and Ear Health

As you age, your eyes and ears become less susceptible to the items and events around you. It becomes more difficult to focus on items up close and you are more sensitive to glares. It is difficult to prevent this from occurring, although you should always wear sunglasses while outside and wear earplugs when outside around loud machinery and other noises.

Dental Health

Your teeth becomes more susceptible to bacteria and decay, not to mention they are more likely to break. Always brush twice a day and use floss every day.

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