Senior Resources: Care Guides, Senior Glossary Terms and More…

The following are a list of helpful and insightful senior care resources, which include everything from senior care guides, to glossary terms, to financial planning articles, to visual graphics on the state of senior care.

Even More Elder Care Guides

The Caregiver’s Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease  – a comprehensive guide to caring for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients, featuring advice from 20 memory care experts. Check out also this resource for family caregivers, Caregiver Homes

Senior Living Infographics

  • Is Social Media Ruining Our Minds? – As more and more people flock to social media, it’s becoming clear that it’s having a profound effect on our brains.
  • How Long Will I Live? – With advances in medical technology, we’re living longer and longer. Find out why and how long experts predict we’ll live in the future.
  • Gaming with Granny – Did you know that senior citizens and Baby Boomers make up 38% of all social game players? And that number is only going to continue to rise.
  • Baby Boomer Blues: Which Pills are You Popping? – A guide to the myriad of health concerns Baby Boomers face and the pills they take to ease the transition into their golden years.
  • Senior Housing Trends – A look at the trends in senior housing and how they’re changing the face of senior citizen housing
  • Nursing Home Closures – The elderly population is exploding, yet nursing homes are closing. This infographic illustrates the severity of nursing home closures.

Faith-Based Senior Care Options

Many seniors are devoutly religious and their faith plays a major role in their lives. There are a number of assisted living facilities for each faith that center around their resident’s religious beliefs.

Money, Finance and Legal Matters for Seniors

Caring for the elderly isn’t just about healthcare but often involves financial and legal matters too, which can include everything from establishing living trusts to selecting the right long term care insurance.

For even more financial tips and advice, check out The Ultimate Guide Finance for Seniors.

Senior Product Reviews

Our team is constantly evaluating a variety of different products related to elder care and senior living – check out the product reviews below to see what solutions may be right for you or your loved one:

ALTY Awards

The ALTY Awards is our annual awards event where we honor the best senior living and elder care articles and blog posts from around the Web. Winners are voted on by our readers.

For more see ALTY Awards

About Our Nominations of the Top Assisted Living Facilities by State

Every month we select the top assisted living facilities in a particular state. People often ask us how we determine the top states. To learn more about our criteria, check out About Assisted Living Today’s Top Assisted Living Facilities.

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