When to Hire an Elder Care Attorney

If you have a loved one living in an elder care center, you will typically want to monitor their care to ensure the comfort and safety of the person. Neglect is a serious concern for those who have family members living in nursing homes or other care facilities for the elderly. While accidents can happen, such as falls, there are some conditions that may require hiring an elder care attorney for the good of all people living in the facility.

Steps to Take

Consulting elder home attorneys should occur anytime you suspect abuse or neglect in a nursing home facility, but the first step is to document the situation and remove your loved one from the home immediately. While you are in the process of removing your loved one, you can contact an elder care attorney about the situation to determine whether or not abuse or neglect has legally taken place.

Contacting an attorney before signing any documents from the elder care center is vital. Some nursing centers for the elderly will attempt to have the family sign papers releasing the home from any damages that have occurred as a result of abuse or negligence. Knowing how to recognize the signs of abuse, and which steps to take if you notice any signs or symptoms, is vital to the health and well-being of any loved one in an elder health care facility.

Seeking Help

It is very important to seek help from elder care attorneys as soon as possible after an incident involving neglect or abuse occurs. Some states have a statute of limitations that can prohibit filing a lawsuit after a specific time period. Your lawyer can assist you in determining the statute of limitations in your state if needed, but the best course of action is to seek help as soon as you think negligence has happened.

When seeking assistance for an elderly member of the family, elder care lawyers have specialized knowledge based on experience in working with abuse in senior living centers and nursing homes. An attorney from your local area will know state laws in addition to federal regulations for filing a lawsuit in the case of negligence or abuse in an elder home setting. An attorney with experience is often the best choice simply because they may know more about how to handle a case involving a nursing facility.

Preparing for Your Case

In order to file a lawsuit, you will need to have the proper documentation. Taking photos of the injuries is advisable in all situations. You may need to contact your attorney to determine whether police involvement is necessary when taking photos. You will also need to allow your attorney to gather any patient records that are needed. The records will show every activity provided by the staff of the care facility, including turning bedridden patients and other everyday care activities.

Some nursing homes will have a lawyer on site, but in most cases it is best to seek an outside attorney to advise you on your case. An experienced lawyer can assist you in all aspects of filing for damages and may be able to help you recover some losses incurred by additional medical costs associated with the incident, as well as compensation for suffering.

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