Withings BP800 Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Withings BP800 Blood Pressure monitor is a way for patients to work with their health care professionals to manage blood pressure and cardiovascular health using any Apple device, which in an of themselves represent state of the art technology. This blood pressure monitor is not only an effective way for patients to chart the readings and report any changes, but also to track and manage their health using this free application from their mobile device. Here are some of the special features that we found most useful about the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor.

Mobile Application

This blood pressure monitor is unique in that it uses Apple’s operating system, iOS, which means it can synchronize with any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc). Since the blood pressure monitor application was specially developed for an iPad, iPod, iTouch, and iPhone, it offers more functions and features than a standard blood pressure device used to give results. The application automatically saves the results and displays the final readings on the device’s screen. As an additional feature, patients can use the results as a reference when going for follow up visits or retaining for their records.

With the ability to evaluate and analyze the results, patients can make appropriate lifestyle choices, and use the results to discuss any treatment changes needed by their health care provider. The saved results mean patients do not have to write or memorize results because they are stored in the device’s application.

The mobile monitor includes the specially designed blood pressure cuff, cable, and four AAA alkaline batteries, already inserted.

Graphs and Statistics

Generated statistics calculated from graphs display the results on the mobile device. Users do not have to calculate results because the application automatically calculates averages. The graphs help by visually displaying fluctuations and changes. In addition to that, it is easy to manage and analyze the results with free coaching services provided on Withings’ website. Users can create a personal account on the site to access the service that offers a comprehensive record for management of high blood pressure.

Ease of Use

The application is not difficult to use, and a person does not need to understand or have previous knowledge of computers. Additionally, users do not have to learn or remember special jargon. Read outs are easily understood and the terminology is familiar to users. The device measures diastolic and systolic blood pressure, which are the top and bottom numbers patients receive. Once connected, the mobile device instantly recognizes the application and displays a user’s blood pressure results.

Multiple users of a family can use the application for tracking and managing the results of their readings. As an added feature, the cuff adjusts from nine inches to 17 inches and accommodates the arm sizes of other users.

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